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Meet the Faculty and Staff

Principal's Corner
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2004-2005 Miller Highlights
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Meet the Faculty and Staff

The Faculty and Staff of William Brown Miller
Lynette Howard, Principal
Berna Williams, Office Manager
Mildred Durham, CRC
Betty Thompson, Counselor
Patsy Williams, Computer Tech
Damien Mobley, Coach
Kristal Torres, Art Teacher
JoAnn Whittington, Media Specialist
Angela Moten, TAG
Lee Mitchell, Band
Shirley Kimp, MRE
Nathan Hunter, LRE
Janet Seybert, PreK
Ruth Scott, PreK
Carolyne Moore, Kinder
Carol Alexander, Kinder
Garnetta Burris, 1st
Fred Kuntz, 1st
Exie McGee, 2nd
Yvette Brenham, 2nd
Doris Golston, 3rd
Patricia Thornton, 3rd
Chastity Blacknell, 4th
Monique Ellison, 4th
Evelyn Brown, 5th
Nathaniel Singleton, 5th
Gloria Williams, 6th
Mary Graham, 6th
Teresa Davis, T.A.
Gloria Davis, T.A.
Evelyn Gaines, T.A.
Carolyn Chase, T.A.

The Dieticians
Patricia Robinson
Roberta Chandler
Elnora Clark
Lucinda Jones

Building Engineers
Jesse Williams
Vickie Hutchinson
George Dedrick

T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Accomplishes More